The 1st prize winner for Basic 4, being awarded by the Director of Care Village.


The Inter-Schools Academic Improvement Test for Kintampo North District, sponsored by Cowbell was a test aimed at helping improve the academic standards of pupils in the district. The results of the test revealed amazing performances from the contestants for which reason Care Village sees the need to aid the education of these talented but needy pupils in the village.

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The municipal assembly cannot provide every community with the needed educational infrastructure with its limited resources. This has made some schools within the district to remain in a very poor state which makes teaching and learning difficult to both pupils and teachers. With the donation of a single roofing sheet, a bag of cement, a bucket of a paint or any other building material will go a long way to renovate a dilapidated school block to make way for effective teaching and learning.
  • If you are clothed – then think about the unclothed.
  • If you are sheltered – then think about the unsheltered.
  • If you are educated – then help to educate the needy
  • If you have had a square meal – then think about the hungry.
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